Maiô Rio – Performance

Maiô Rio – Performance

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(my-oh, r-eeh-oh)

Named after the City of Rio de Janeiro, the Rio suit was designed with flexibility in mind. The wide non-fixed straps allow for an optimal adjustment, for both style and comfort, whether in the pool or on the beach. Designed for performance in the pool or in open water. Please note that the patterns may not lay the same as shown in the picture.

SHELL: 79% Polyester | 21%LASTOL®
LINING: 90% Polyester | 10% Spandex

  • Constellation
  • Energy Orange
  • Energy Purple
  • Floral
  • Snake
  • Tie Dye Black
  • Tie Dye Blue
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Premium Fabrics

Our Performance fabric provides intelligent fit adjustment, chlorine resistance, and UV 50+ protection. Our fabric holds its original shape and colours, and it lasts longer than conventional swimsuits.

UV 50+

This product was developed with UV50+ technology, which provides sun protection for your skin, blocking up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays, Practice outdoor sports with much more comfort and protection.


No Sagging and No Bagging

With the newest chlorine resistant technology, the fiber Lastol® resists beyond the daily use of the garments. Lastol ® is a synthetic fiber with a polyolefin base. Its fabric composition allows it to mold itself to the body without overly compressing. When wet, the fabric sticks to the body eliminating pockets of water and air, common during practices for aquatic activities (dubbed the Wetfit® effect). With this technology athlete performance is improved by reducing drag in water and permitting more gliding.

To ensure longevity:
  • Do not wash in temperatures higher than 30C.
  • Do not machine dry or iron.
  • Do not leave suit in your bag for long periods of time while wet.

Piece will dry within 30 minutes in a well-aired location.

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26, 28, 30, 32, 34



Constellation, Energy Orange, Energy Purple, Floral, Snake, Tie Dye Black, Tie Dye Blue

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