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VIVOS is a Canadian Business Corporation founded by a Canadian family involved with recreational and competitive sports. VIVOS has started its business journey developing more creative and innovative swimming wear designs for competitive swimmers. 
Over the last several years, we have been developing a new line of  team apparel rigorously tested for comfort and quality, along with designing them with lively and vibrant colours.

We work with teams, schools, companies, organizations, and events of all shapes and sizes!

Custom Team Apparel

Custom Team Apparel

VIVOS will be able to create new custom products such as swimsuits, swim caps, parkas, tank tops, rash guards, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, tracksuits, backpacks, and customize your team apparel using the logo and the colours of your team. 
During this unprecedented time, VIVOS is offering our custom team apparel design services for free. 

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